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Episode 22: Year in Review


As usual, thanks for the reviews and star rating on iTunes! 


Here's my birthday cake, in case you missed it. 


Knitting Segments

Show-Ready Knits 


 Neon Beast by Veera Valimaki



Knits in Rehearsal



Auditioning Knits


I've been looking at lots of slippers! 








Knitting Talk-Back: Year in Review


Did you meet your knitting goals for 2014? Why and why not? How will this year help to determine your goals for 2015? 


New Skills I Learned this year: 


Short Rows, thanks to this Craftsy Class  







What a Crock

Black Bean Soup


1 medium onion (chopped) 

4 gloves garlic (minced) 

1 tbsp ground cumin

2 tsp crushed red pepper

2 tbsp olive oil

3 cans black beans

1 can chicken broth

1 jar salsa

2 tbsp lime juice


Place 2 cans of beans with liquids in batches with broth in blender. Blend until pureed. Put all ingredients in the crockpot and cook on low for 6 hours.  


Love it or Leave It


Love It: I have a nice 2 week break from school coming up! 



Leave it: Lack of communication in relationships


Other News and Notes 



I'm continuing my 30 in 30 day challenge, so far I've worked out every day but 1 in december. 


Here's the yoga video I've been watching: Yoga with Adriene

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Program Mentions: Thanks so much for the iTunes reviews!


Knitting Segments

Show-Ready Knits

Barley by Tin Can Knits 


Speedy Cable Beret 2 by Paulina Chin


Knits in Rehearsal


The Good: 


Neon Beast by Veera Valimaki



                Tosh Merino Light By Madeline Tosh 


The Bad: 


#NaKnitSweMo Sweater: Effortless Cardigan by Hannah Fettig


                Yowza What a Skein by Miss Babs in Coffee Break 


The Ugly: 


Auditioning Knits

Rikke Hat by Sarah Young 


Mrs. Jeckyl and Little Hyde by La Maison Rililie


Bulb by Veera Valimaki

Check out her entire Knit You Advent Calendar! Surprises everyday! 


Knitting News, Notes and Events

I hope you enjoy a #BecauseofKnitting story sent to me by a listener. Keep 'em coming! 

Technology Talk Back




What a Crock

Crockpot Buffalo Chicken Chili  


Love it or Leave it


Love it: 

Serial Podcast


Jamberry Nails 


Leave it: 

My little companion Jackson is showing his age. 



She's Crafty

Yarny Christmas Wreath Project



Other News and Notes

Participating in a Holiday Caberet Night. No details yet! 
30 in 30 Challenge: I've pledged to myself to be active at least 30 minutes a day for 30 days in a row. Join along! 
I've also registered for a 10k to benefit brain tumor research. It takes place in March and you can donate if you are interested! See the Team Derren page for more information and click on my name if you'd like to donate! 
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Program Mentions:

Thanks to mtk3 for the lovely iTunes review! It means a lot to a podcaster!

Thanks to Melinda, AKA Yanderwoman, for gifting me the Mama Vertebrae Pattern. How Sweet!


Catching Up: I've been a little sick, so forgive my scratchy voice!


Knitting Segments

Show-Ready Knits

Big Chunky Comfy Hat by Erica Kempf 


Knits in Rehearsal

Effortless, by Hannah Fettig 


Mystik Spiral Socks by Josh Ryks


TGV By Susan Ashcroft


Auditioning Knits 

Bluesand Cardigan by La Maison Rililie


Barley by Tin Can Knits


Bella Vita Cardigan by Christina Ghirlanda 


Knitting News, Notes and Events

Carolina Fiber Frolic was so much fun. Perfect amount of knitting, talking and drinking wine! 


I announced the winner of the skein of self-striping sock yarn from Berry Colorful Yarnings. Check out this episode to see if you won! 


Working on the next KAL, but stay tuned for information about the Knit Your Bit Campaign from the WWII Museum. They have a program where you knit scarves for Veterans. 


Technology Talk-Back: Stashbot

Stashbot is a new app by Hannah Fettig that helps (enables?) you to choose the right amount of yarn for your projects! Check it out and let me know what you think! 




I apologize for not having a new crockpot recipe to share with you. I promise to get back on track in episode 21!


Love it or Leave it

Love it: 

Keurig Coffee Maker installed at school! Yay!! 



Leave it: 

Car accidents and driving a giant mini-van for a week! 


Here's a link to the Seinfeld video I referenced. 


Other News and Notes

Here's the recipe for the Mexican Street Corn and the Off the Cob Version


Yay! Thanksgiving! 


I found a couple of running partners. I'll let you know how it works out! 








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Knitting Segments 

Show-Ready Knits


Atelier by Heidi Kirrmaier 

Michelle's Atelier (good project photos to come!)

       Slip Stitch Seam

       The Knitting Answer Book 


Knits in Rehearsal


Neon Beast by Veera Valimaki



                Tosh Merino Light By Madeline Tosh 


#NaKnitSweMo Sweater: Effortless Cardigan by Hannah Fettig


                Yowza What a Skein by Miss Babs in Coffee Break 


Auditioning Knits

Mama Vertebrae by Kelly Brooker


Arenales by Amy Christoffers



Knitting News, Notes and Events


Enjoy some SAFF photos! 












My Purchases: 

A Día de los Muertos bag from Sew Flo. Check them out on Etsy! 

Miss Babs Yowza (see link above) 

Jones Street DK from The Copper Corgi


Enjoy this article by Franklin Habit about How to be at a Fiber Festival



Knitting Talk Back: Knitting and Technology

This will be a mini-series on how I use technology aid in my knitting. This knitting talk back is about my favorite knitting app, Knit Companion


A Contest...

Don't forget to enter the contest in the Ravelry thread to win a skein of sock yarn from Berry Colorful Yarnings and, bonus prize, a small sock size project bag from Yasmin at Knit Shear Bliss











Non-Knitting Segments

What a Crock



Love it or Leave it


Someone at my school was my coffee angel this week, how sweet is this? 


Leave it: It's getting dark way too early! 


Other News and Notes: I Got Nothing this week! 


Thanks for listening! 

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Program mentions go out to The Carolina Fiber Girls for mentioning me on their podcast! Thanks ladies. 


Also thanks to knittersusan for the kind words on the iTunes review. 


Catching Up:

If you are in the area, visit Childress Vineyards and Native Vines to try some North Carolina Wines. 


Knitting Segments


In Rehearsals: 

Atelier by Heidi Kirrmaier 


                       Madeline Tosh Pashmina in the Hosta Blue Colorway 


                       Icord Bind-off Tutorial From Craftsy


I mentioned the Curious Handmade Podcast hosted by Helen Stewart, check it out if you haven't already. 



Mystik Spiral Socks by Josh Ryks 



TGV High Speed Knitting by Susan Ashcroft 

                       Crazy Zauberball


Auditioning Knits: 


Knitting News, Notes and Events  

Carolina Fiber Frolic, November 7-9
SAFF, October 24-26
A Giveaway from Berry Colorful Yarnings. Make sure you listen to hear the rules for the contest and enter ASAP! 
Also listen for the special coupon code that Michelle from Berry Colorful Yarnings is generously offering for podcast listeners. She will have an update on October 23! 
Maria from Elegant Economy Knits has a very special pattern that will be released October 27th called The Graceful Pullover. I will make sure to link the pattern once it is available. 
#BecauseofKnitting has been really great! Keep it up on Ravelry and on Instagram. 

Knitting Talk Back: 

Health Benefits of Knitting

Non-Knitting Segments

What a Crock: 

Easy Crockpot Black Bean Soup


Love it: 

Homeland (I know, I'm late!) 
I got a massage last week! Yay!!

Leave it: 

Bad health news from a friend. 

Other news and Notes: 

The running continues! 
Thanks for listening! 
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This is a special episode featuring an interview with Jen Hintz of FibroFibers and Nightfall Yarns. Please check out her website for information about FibroFibers, Nightfall and especially for information about the Kickstarter she has going on currently. 


This episode also features the winners of the PalKal 2014, so be sure to listen to see if you are a winner! Thanks so much for listening and participating! 

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Please be sure to check blog for the shownotes! Thanks for listening! 

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Shownotes can be found on the blog! Thanks for tuning in! 

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Please check out the shownotes at! 

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Check out the blog for shownotes and links!

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